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All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association of Rough Un Polished Precious & Semi Precious Stones.

Suite # 1, Second Floor, Al Jalil Market, Namak Mandi , Peshawar Postal Code 25000

Phone: (92-19) 9213910-11
Fax: (92-19) 9213912
E-mail: apceap@brain.net.pk
URL: http://www.gems.com.pk  

Welcome to APCEA !

ALL PAKISTAN COMMERCIAL EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION OF ROUGH & UNPOLISHED PRECIOUS AND SEMI PRECIOUS STONES  established in 1988 at Peshawar. The Association is duly registered with Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Commerce and affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Islamabad.

This Association represents the traders and exporters involved in export of all kind of precious & semi precious stones. Pakistan is the home of finest coloured gemstones and its demand is growing very rapidly in International Markets. The Association is fully aware of the situation and making all possible efforts to take the advantages of the situation and gear-up its activities to transfer the benefits to the Nation in the shape of foreign exchange.......more.




I am delighted that by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, the election process of the Association ended peacefully on 1st October 2013 and as a result all the office bearers and members of Executive Body including me have been elected un-opposed, With open heart, I well-come all the members from either groups to join hands with me to keep up the APCEA interest and serve the businessman community in better way

I proud of my predecessor who kept the APCEA interest on the top of their Agenda. As it is well known fact that due to un-rest in the country and especially in our province, the gems expert business is at the lowest ever edge in the history ....more

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About Peshawar City !
The Peshawar Valley appears first in history as forming part of the ancient kingdom of Gandhara This name of Gandhara figures in Sanscrit literature from the earlier times and it is used by the Chinese pilgrims also who visited the kingdom in the fifth, sixth and seventh centuries of the Christian era. Strabo describes a country, which he calls Gandaritis as lying along the river Kophes (Kabul) between the Choaspes and the Indus

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